Monday, January 25

More Etsy Favourites

Hello! Over the weekend, I did a little guest post on lovely Anna's blog!
You can read the post here. And truth is, I have so much more favourites I'd like to share!
So just thought I'd share more over here : )


Springtime deer by Sian Keegan



Bearded bloke brooch by Handmade Romance

Big loop necklace Mars by Wonderwonder

Plush Arctic circles by Jackiepeppermint

Swoon! These are all so lovely! But my pocket's empty.
So I just have to keep dreaming I own any of these precious little things.
Haha. A girl can dream!

PS: My paper brooches are working out great! I found this magic matte spray thingy that works like a varnish. It makes my brooch smudge and waterproof! How neat! And best of all, it doesn't leave this icky visible thick layer, like most varnishes do. It's practically invisible and not even there! How neat!
I'll show you the ready made brooches in my next post, I promise!


  1. i get so depressed when i keep seeing more and more amazing items that i desperately want but can't afford hahahah *sigh*

  2. Cute stuff, but where can I get the dress Wonderwonder is wearing? Isn't that cool?

  3. I want 1 of each of those awesome necklaces!

  4. awe thanks dawn i am very chuffed to be featured on your beautiful blog and amongst these beautiful creations! i am waiting for one of those sarah mcniel brooches to arrive - i have wanted one for ever and finally bought one with some money i got for at christmas : )