Monday, November 26

20% Storewide! I had a fantastic day at MARKit yesterday. Met so many lovely folks and took tons of photos with friends. It was really busy and I totally forgot to take photos of my stand all set up. Oops! I do however, have one photo of me looking dead tired by the end of the day. 11 hours up on our feet, a wonky fluey/churny/felt-the-need-to-run-to-the-toilet-every-15-minutes stomach (Again! It somehow always hits me when I'm doing markets...) But yes, thank you everyone for coming! You can see all my happy snaps with friends over on my instagram. Markit is always so super fun : ) Thanks for having me, Simon and team. Loved every bit of it!

For those of you unable to come, fret not, I've decided to throw a one-week-only sale. 20% off EVERYTHING in my online store! And I've specially reduced the prices on many items as we're talking about an additional 20% off on already discounted prices!

I'm going on holidays and have only a few bits and pieces left. Some prints, scarves, 2 ice cream pillowcase sets, 5 cup and burger sets, 1/2 a box full of ice cream softies, some clay necklaces and yup, that's about it! I intend to start afresh next year in say March/April with brand new stuff like tea towels, necklaces, fresh new recipe prints...well, I'll see where inspiration takes me to! But yes, once everything current in my shop sells out, that's it! No more forever... : )

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  1. I can't wait to see your new stuff! (While I lounge around with my ice cream softie.)