Wednesday, November 21

To MARKit to MARKit!


I'll be at MARKit this coming Sunday! Thanks to Simon and the wonderful MARKit Team, I got to design this season's postcard. Yipee! I drew all my favourite things from different makers. I drew bits of Cat Rabbit, Madeleine Stamer, Emily Green, Victoria Mason just to name a few. Hope you like it!

I plan to sell all my current stock off. Ice Cream softies, archival prints, my new clay necklaces, burger cups and plates, scarves, pillowcases... everything's going to be at a special market price. Once sold, that's it! The last I checked, I've got only 1 banana scarf left, 15 ice cream softies, 1 A3 ice cream archival print and 3 to 4 fruit chart and vegetable chart prints. And maybe about 10 Ice cream pillowcase sets? Very limited as you can see! I plan to start fresh next year with new stuff. So if you've always wanted an ice cream pillowcase set, archival print or banana scarf, here's your chance to snap up one before it sells out forever!


  1. nice blog.. it would have been more good if there were a couple of photos more :)
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  2. yay! so excited about markit! see you there :)