Wednesday, December 5

Christmas Shopping

I am so excited, I feel like I'm about to pee in my pants! (Ok, not sure if that is even appropriate, especially when there's pictures of delicious foods along with this post...) but yes! I finally, FINALLY bought a bunch of Falcon Enamelware for our kitchen! Well, I kind of told Darren it'll be part of his Christmas present. He bought me amazing patent red sperrys and in return, I bought him some stickygrams and some enamelware. Okay, to be honest, saying it's for Darren - that's really just an excuse. But I guess I forsee myself cooking lots more with these and hopefully Darren will be showered with lots of yummy meals and his tummy will grow a little rounder day by day. Haha.

I got 2 bowls, 1 pie dish and 2 trays all from ebay. Thanks to my super power researching ability, I found a bunch which were like 5 times cheaper than from the website itself. Yay to saving some pennies. Now for these beautiful enamelwares to arrive in the mail! xo

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