Tuesday, December 18

Done with 2012!

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I know it's still a little while more before we welcome 2012. But you know what, I am so done with 2012 already! Okay maybe not yet. I'm still looking forward to finish up the year with all the Christmas feasting and good food. Haha. But yes, thank you 2012 for everything. Such a hard, tiring and long year. With amazingly bucket loads of tears and sweat, of which Darren can vouch for. Sorry Darren! Took up a full-time postgrad dip and worked part time illustrating. Not really a sane idea. But hey I did it! So yay : ) Course was so terrible, with the uni making my life hard (will not go into details) but am thankful for everything I've learnt along the way, especially during both my placement rounds at School A and School B. Amazing teachers, amazing students. I have learnt so so so much. Thank you for having me!

Of course, apart from fun teaching rounds, I am also really thankful for lots of other big things that happened this year. For starters, I was on Tv along with a bunch of happy cheerful kiddos! We made pizzas and had so much fun together, laughing, making. Thank you everyone involved. You know who you are! Thank you too, Melbourne Museum, for blessing me with the opportunity to speak to so many young, inspiring designers and artists. I was like them not too long ago and to think I'm now able to share my own experiences with them...no words can describe how grateful I am. Apart from TV fun and student talks, I am also thankful for all the fun teaching workshop opportunities. Adult classes, primary and high school talks and workshops. I really, love sharing what I do with people. So thank you for learning and the exchange of laughter, joy and ideas.

Oh and another super big milestone! I got to illustrate a cookbook too! Thank you thank you thank you Fiona and Murdoch for picking me. It still hasn't sunk in just yet. I know. I'm still dreaming away! Hahaha. Food related, I was also lucky enough to go on a holiday with Darren to Tasmania. Much needed mid year break! The place was beautiful and we ate ourselves silly. The food! Oh the food! Fish and chips Darren? 6 months on and I'm still a little petrified of fried batter. Hah! I am also thankful for being able to be in Singapore twice this year. Nothing beats spending time with my family! I'm still here as I type!

Oh and I did several markets and a pop up too this year. Always fun to meet new people and be able to talk face to face. Thank you everyone who stopped by to say hi. And of course, I am truly thankful for all the support you guys have given me over the past year, not just 2012. I am able to do what I do today because of all the encouragement and support from all of you. So thank you!

Oh and best present I reckon... I got a job offer even before I was done with Uni! I think God knew in my heart I really loved working in the school and well, His ways are always higher than mine. I trusted Him with all my heart, told myself to be patient and just work hard. One thing led to another and I'm now employed! I'm starting in 2013 and I just can't wait! Well, lots of thank yous and things to be grateful for this year. The list goes on and I wish I could have listed everything but that would be way too long! It's always hard to squeeze an entire year into just one post isn't it!

So, though a physically tough and mentally draining year, there's still lots to give thanks for. Big or small, each has shaped me into the person I am now. 2012, thanks for everything. Well, I'll see you all back here in 2013. New year, new job... I can't wait! Have a fun Christmas and New Years. Eat lots and be thankful for everything. See you back here in January!!! xo

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