Monday, December 3

New Things

Test DecalsSo I sent these over to the US for some test printing and if all goes well, there'll be some fun reusable jam jar / wall decals in my shop next year. Fingers crossed! Oh and I just wanted to say a big thank you too, for shopping from my online shop the past week. I had a 20% storewide discount and everything just flew off the shelf! I am truly grateful to all of you for continuing to support me and allowing me to do something I love so much. Making, making, making! Almost everything is now sold out. Unfortunately, I will not be remaking things again. I believe in making small runs/editions of my products so people who buy them can feel like they are super special.

I have new plans for next year. I've got two words: glitter and neon floating around in my head at the moment. So you never know, they might actually translate into something funky! Oh and of course, there will be more necklaces as well. I've been doing some testing and rolling. Oh and wearing too. I wore my new necklaces (Coming to you next year in Jan!) out a few days in a row and everyday I get people asking where can they buy it from. Highlight was when I was at the Ah-MAZING The Design Files Open House and a super stylish lady stopped me while I was heading upstairs to ask about my necklace. Made my day! Thank you nice lady!

PS: I'm heading to Singapore tomorrow and will be there the next 6 weeks, with friends and family. So I'll see you and will be blogging from the other side. See you soon!

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