Monday, February 4

My weekend

Wearing my Wiksten Top which I made myselfBrunch at Twenty & Six!Bearer of good cakeDSC_0195Heart and Head printMy weekend in pictures! In short, great brunch, yummy treats for Maddi of which I inherited a big art storage box from (Explains the sorting of artworks shown above). And guess what?! Kind and ever lovely Maddi also gifted me and Darren her newest Valentines Day print. It is so pretty it makes us smile whenever we look at it. I've got to go get a nice frame for it. A sweet print like this needs to be displayed and hung up stat!

Apart from all that, Darren and I slept in a lot. Okay actually just me. Darren was busy bacheloring away on his wii. I was pretty much a granny and slept at 9.30 ish, 10pm Friday through to Sunday. And I think I actually slept for 11 hour straight one day. Haha. A very big thing for me as I don't normally sleep that much. Oops! My weekend was also spent packing several shop orders (Thank you!!) and I even did a big bulk of Chinese new year shopping. Darren and I went crazy at Boxhill and we now have lots of yummy treats stocked next to our Tv. Not a good idea because I keep reaching for pineapple tarts every few minutes! NOT GOOD! But ah, they are just tooooo goooood to resist!!!

In other words, I am determined to join my colleagues this week for boxing classes. Gotta work it and zap the fats in my tummy! Alrightyo, I'm off to get work done. See you again soon! Have a lovely week ahead : )


  1. 1. those sandals are so comfortable. i have them
    2.your draws are so awesome <3

  2. this post has my mouth watering. i've always been a fan of your photos and these are no exception!

  3. yikes! looks like the perfect weekend, especially with that box of sweets. I followed your tassie guide over summer and it took me to jackman & mcross in battery point and to the lamington of my dreams. thank you!

  4. Looks so gorgeous and colourful! Sounds like the perfect weekend :) Thanks for sharing your lovely pics.

    x Tania