Sunday, April 14

New Blog Coming Soon!

So, like I mentioned earlier in my previous post how much I love blogging and how it's become such a part of me.... Guess what, 2 days after I wrote that post, Darren and I started working on a new blog right away. I decided it would be best to start something new, something fresh. So ta-da! We've made a whole new blog! Well, I did the designing and he did all the hard work - Coding, Html-ing, fixing buggies and all the other stuff which makes me go ????!?

So in short, there will be a new blog, coming soon! So do check back maybe in a few days and I'll post up the new link here. Thank you so so much for all the emails, comments, encouraging me to keep blogging. The truth is, I can't stop, I'm addicted! Haha. See you here again super soon! xo